Hi! I am Nicola Preda,  a student who loves to make web applications and projects of all kinds in the IT field.

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Actually i'm working on...


This extension, present on both Firefox and Chrome, allows you to communicate between the "Anilist" site and the open source software "VLC Media Player", creating a small UI that allows you to select the desired episode and play it through the "stream" function network "on VLC.

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My skills

Web Development

I mainly use markup languages, programming and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript and Nodejs (backend) to create websites and web applications. I have also had several experiences with frameworks such as Angular and ASP.NET Core


I use as main design software Figma. I find it essential for all kinds of frontend projects. It is very useful when you have to decide how the application will be done and gives an idea of ​​how the final result will be for the customer

Backend Scripts

I like to create scripts or automations for the home or simply to improve the management of a process. I mainly use Javascript and Python.

4.0 Industry

I had experiences in creating software for industry 4.0 and management with WPF and Web Applications with C Sharp.

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I have made several bots based on services such as Telegram and Discord, which perform different functions such as sending news , updates, music ...


I've made projects that act as browser extensions for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.
The one I work on most often is Yunime

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Main Projects


Chrome & Firefox extension for watching anime

Project Website


4.0 Industry Software for FANUC Machines (Not yet released)

Project Website

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I ❤ Open Source 

For all my projects I always leave a repository with the source code of the MIT licensed program, so that everyone has the possibility to modify the software to their liking.

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